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Berlin July 2013.


Berlin July 2013.

I Met (DE Research)
Kassel and Berlin, Germany
23-30 July 2013
(After On Kawara)

Petra Hinck
Donna Stonecipher
Wolfgang Erler
Josepha Conrad
Uljana Wolf
Christian Hawkey
Eugene Ostashevsky
Oya Ataman
Daniel Tiffany
Christine Wolf

nberg matrix


Reading @ Nuremberg
Bavarian-American Academy
Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg
7:30 PM, 27 May 2013

For my reading, I took as a model my 1999 presentation at Kelly Writers House, about which Brian Ang wrote perceptively [here]. In that event, I used stanzas from “Non-Events” as my guide, alternating between a regular progress through the poem as semantic and rhythmic baseline, while adding selections from Bad History and prose from The Constructivist Moment… More


Susann Köhler, Alisa Allkins, Tanja Aho, Ed Brown / May 2013, Munich

I Met (Munich/Nuremberg)
5th Annual Exchange Program
Bavarian-American Academy, Munich
Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg
20 May-1 June 2012
(After On Kawara)

Alisa Allkins
Ed Brown
Vinny Haddad
Mahshid Mayer
Marcus Merritt
Jonathan Plumb
Melanie Zynel
Meike Zwingenberger
Heike Paul
Klaus Benesch
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Geschichte des Zufalls no. 15

On 17 June 2012, I visited the Mauerpark flea market with friend and poet D— S—. The market was bursting at the seams with the detritus of pop culture; archives of tape and vinyl; retro furniture and avant-garde t-shirts; remnants of the former socialist state and occasional contraband from darker times; out-of-date art books and mass market magazines bleaching in the sun. A carnival of objects to anchor social ground within the shadow of the former Wall.

At the end of a long alley of stands, objects, and crowds—or at the end of a confusing story that was just about to arrive at its point—appeared a stall selling what look like small cardboard boxes, each with a stenciled number cut out on the top that let optical green paper show through, under the banner “Geschichten des Zufalls.” In the center of the table stood a gumball machine, containing wooden balls with the same optical green numbers. We were invited to purchase one of the boxes as a “chance object,” and to participate in a conceptual project in which we would inform the sellers/organizers of any coincidences that had occurred after its purchase. We could pay whatever price we felt appropriate for an opportunity to encounter chance in this way.

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[for Carla Harryman]

The following chronology documents two weeks of intensive travels in the zone of the aesthetic, under the aspect of the political, in Germany. I accompanied Carla Harryman, who had been invited to present a lecture in the closing week of documenta and was a credentialed participant for the preview, for the first week, and then continued on alone through Munich, Nuremberg, Jena, Leipzig, to Berlin. Annotations will be added to the entries, as time permits.

Monday, June 4


Tuesday, June 5

“Auf dem Goetheweg zum Brocken.” Nationalpark Harz, Torfhaus, Lower Saxony.

Grenzmuseum, Sorge, Lower Saxony.

Wednesday, June 6

Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg, Museum und Besucherbergwerk, Goslar.

“Der Andere Blick: Alltagswelten von Martin Parr, Tim Wood, Antanas Sutkus.” Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar.

documenta 13, Kassel. Preview.

Thursday, June 7

documenta 13, Kassel. Fridericianum.

“On the Kabul-Bamiyan Seminars and Exhibition.” Conversation with Christine Christov-Bakargiev, Chus Martinez, and artists. Ständehaus.

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[for Donna Stonecipher]

Over two weeks in June, I traveled to eight German cities—Frankfurt, Goslar, Kassel, Munich, Nuremberg (including Erlangen and Fürth), Jena, Leipzig and Berlin—attended the opening of documenta 13; saw many related exhibitions and attended lectures and readings; presented a seminar at the University of Erlangen; bicycled, walked, and rode public transportation; and scanned for books. The list below documents the extent of my interests on what ended up as a research trip focusing on critical theory, poetics, and exhibitions. I will return in September for a second look at documenta, and to attend Carla Harryman’s closing keynote lecture, a re-presentation in poetic/musical form of Adorno’s 1959 lecture on New Music at documenta 2.

Critical theory

Adorno,  Theodor W. Philosophische Elemente einer Theorie der Gesellschaft  (1964). Ed. Tobias ten Brink and Marc Phillip Noguera. Nachgelassene Schriften, Vorlesungen, vol. 12.  Frankfurt am Main:  Suhrkamp, 2008. [Purchased at Buchladen zur schwankenden Weltkugel, Kastanienallee, Berlin]

Harman,  Graham. The Third Table/Der Dritte Tisch. 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts, no.  85. Ostfildern, Germ.: Hatje Cantz, 2012. [documenta, Kassel]

Hawel,  Marcus, and Moritz Blanke, eds. Kritische Theorie: Der Krise. Berlin:  Karl Dietz, 2012. [Buchladen zur schwankenden Weltkugel]

Mann,  Thomas, & Theodor W. Adorno. An Exchange/Ein Austausch. 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts, no. 50. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2012. [documenta]

Mitscherlich,  Alexander, ed. Das beschädigte Leben: Diagnose und Therapie in einer Welt  unabsehbar Veränderungen. Grenzach/Baden, Germ.: Hoffman-La Roche, 1969. [Arkonaplatz,  Prenzlauerberg, Berlin]

Poetry  and poetics

Krutschonych,  Alexei (Alexei Kruchyonik). Phonetik des Theaters (1925). Ed. Valeri Scherstjanoi. Leipzig: Reinecke & Voß, 2011. [Lettrétage, Methfesselstraße, Berlin]

Reinecke,  Bertram. Sleutel voor de hoogduitsche Spraakkunst, ed. Ulf Stolterfoht.  Leipzig, Berlin, and Solothurn: roughbook, 2012. [Lettrétage]

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I Met (DE 2011)
1–4 July Berlin/Binz; 5 July Jena/Nürnburg
5 July Augsburg; 5–6 July München
7–9 July Mainz; 10 July Karlsruhe/Frankfurt 
After On Kawara

Donna Stonecipher
Eugene Ostashevsky
Uljana Wolf
Christian Hawkey
Ekaterina Drobyazko
Heike Paul
Harald Zapf
Katharina Gerund
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I Met (EU 2011)
11—14 May, Berlin; 14–15 May, Prague
15—21 May, Munich; 21–25 May, Nuremberg
26–29 May, Brest; 29–31 May, Paris
After On Kawara

Donna Stonecipher
Florian Werner
Svenja Flaßpöhler
Ada Werner-Flaßpöhler
Louis Armand
David Vichner
Vadim Erent

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