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“The Millennial Condition:
A Report on Knowledge”

The Wittreich Family Lecture
University of Louisville
6–7 October 2016

Alan Golding
Lisa Shapiro
Fran McDonald
Karen Hadley
Kristi Maxwell
Jameson Welch
Matthew Biberman
Simona Bertacco
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Wystan Curnow and Portrait of Betty Curnow by Rita Angus, 1942, Auckland. Photo: BW

University of Otago, Dunedin
University of Auckland
9–15 July 2014
(with Carla Harryman)

Jacob Edmond
Sally Ann McIntyre
Campbell Walker
Kim Pieters
Catherine Dale

Murray Edmond
Michelle Leggott
Wystan Curnow
Roger Horrocks
Greg Kan
Ya-wen Ho