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Event 80: I Met (MSA 19)

Modernist Studies Association
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
10–13 August 2017

Questions of the Present
in Contemporary Poetics
1.20 Veilingzaal, 13 August 2017

Stephanie Anderson
Louis Bury
Tomasz Cieslak-Sokolowski
George Fragopoulos
Alan Golding
Kristin Grogan
Franziska Ruprecht
Joshua Schuster
Wendy Truran
Samuel Vriezen
Tyrone Williams
Mia You
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Seminar: Questions of the Present
in Contemporary Poetics

@ MSA 19 Amsterdam
10–13 August 2017
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Since 2011, there has been an explosion of new writing in poetics as an academic discourse and a proliferation of new approaches to poetry that unite formal concerns (after Language writing, conceptualism, Flarf, and other avant-gardes) with radical accounts of the millennial present—in a manner reflecting on, but departing from, modernism. This seminar will perform several tasks: first, to survey recent writing in poetics that “question the present,” involving concerns of political economy, ideology and public discourse, documentary and digital sources, gender and sexuality, race and poets of color, hybrid forms, and multi-languaged writing/translation. Then, it will undertake an overview of new forms of writing that engage these questions of the present. Finally, it will ask how poetry and poetics can create new critical and creative, activist and interventionist, initiatives, to counter deformed public discourse(s) of our presentist epoch. What does it mean to question poetics and poetry as a historicism of the present?

Seminar organizer: Barrett Watten
Professor, English, Wayne State University
Contact: barrett.watten@gmail.com
Registration: MSA 19 website here

Event 54: I Met (MSA)

Modernist Studies Association
Boston, Massachusetts
19–22 November 2015
(after On Kawara)

Herman Rapaport
Tyrone Williams
Carla Billiterri
Ben Friedlander
Alisa Allkins
Alan Golding
Aaron Nyerges
Sarah Posman
Dorothy Wang
Rachel Galvin
Kaplan Harris
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schmidt flyer 600


Michael Schmidt’s dissertation, “The Materialism of the Encounter: Queer Sociality and Capital in Modern Literature,” is scheduled for its defense in the Wayne State Department of English at 11 AM, Tuesday, March 19, 10302 5057 Woodward Avenue, Detroit. This a public defense. After its conclusion, I will post the abstract here.

Modernism and the Abstraction of Value:
Poetry and Political Economy in transition (1927-38)

During this recent era, linguistic understandings of political economy found purchase for a wealth of reasons, many of which have a grounding in actual conditions. Nonetheless [. . .] the literarity of such conceptions ended up participating in, and sometimes generating, serious analytic errors . . . . The misrecognitions of value engendered by modes of literarity thus pose a radical limit to the history of the present. —Joshua Clover, “Value/Theory/Crisis” (107, 109)


In my lecture at the Poetry of the 70s conference at University of Maine (under the rubric “Late Capitalism and Language Writing”; 2008), I made a strong claim that the “turn to language” in poetry must be seen as simultaneously a response to the emergent horizon of neo­liberalism after 1973 along with an anticipatory illumination, undertaken at the level of form, of what the new order of intensified commodification and mobility of capital would look like—and how it might be comprehended and opposed. … More

Modern Language Association
Boston, 3–6 January 2013

Session 150. The Poet-Scholar. 7:00-8:15 PM, 4 January.
Hillary Gravendyk, presiding; with Julie Carr, Heather Dubrow, Margaret Ronda, Jennifer Scappettone, and Juliana Spahr.

[Running commentary on Storify here.]

Session 370. Marxism and Modernist Studies Today, 3:30–4:45 PM, 5 January.
Jason Baskin, presiding; with Ruth Jennison.

“Modernism and the Abstraction of Value: Political Economy in transition (1927-38)”

 [Introduction here.]

“Absolute Contingency: The Political Work of WWI Popular Poetry”

Thursday, April 14, 3:00 PM
The Welcome Center Auditorium
Woodward & Warren Avenues, WSU

“Honor & Solidarity: Can the Legacy of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Inspire the Contemporary University’s Unions?”

Friday, April 15, 7:30 PM
The African-American Room, 91 Manoogian Hall
Warren Avenue & Anthony Wayne Drive, WSU

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Image 01: Notgeld

Notgeld, Thuringia, 1923. Designed by Herbert Bayer.