A direct citation of my poem “Complete Thought,” without permission or credit (by “permission” I mean some form of notice or request) could be found (until I posted the link), at: http://withhiddennoise.net. It has since disappeared; I would be happy to have the poem online, but just with some credit and communication.

A direct citation with permission (accompanying translation into Dutch in the print journal Parmentier):


The second meets the “alterity” test of my previous post. In the first instance, it was not clear whether this was an extract or the whole poem (twenty-five of fifty sections were printed), nor where the complete poem could be obtained. There are also at least two parodic rewrites of “Complete Thought”: one by Lisa Jarnot, “Complete Hog,” Night Scenes (Flood Editions, 2008); and a second in an ephemeral chapbook which I will post when I find it.

On the other hand, the following sites offer .mp3 downloads of poetry readings, probably taken from PennSound:




There are clear violations of copyright in these instances, no doubt. Not much “creative commons” here!

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