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A Guide to Poetics Journal:
Writing in the Expanded Field,
Ed. Lyn Hejinian and Barrett Watten
Wesleyan University Press, 2013

A Guide to Poetics Journal, the print component of a hybrid publication project that will be completed with its digital half, Poetics Journal Digital Archive, in early 2014, is now available from Wesleyan University Press. The press has provided a link that you may use to receive a 30% discount: use promotion code W301 at the following site: here. For more information on this venture, see the publicity flyer linked here.

Table of Contents

Lyn Hejinian and Barrett Watten

           Part I: Numbers 1–4

Steve Benson
Close Readings: Leavings and Cleavings

Charles Bernstein
Writing and Method

Beverly Dahlen
Forbidden Knowledge

Alan Davies

Robert Glück
His Heart Is a Lute Held Up: Poe & Bataille

Lyn Hejinian
The Rejection of Closure

Susan Howe
My Emily Dickinson

George Lakoff
Continuous Reframing

Jackson Mac Low
Some Ways Philosophy Has Helped to Shape My Work

Viktor Shklovsky
Plotless Literature: Vasily Rozanov

Ron Silliman
Migratory Meaning: The Parsimony Principle in the Poem

Barrett Watten
The Politics of Style

           Constellation I: Practices of Poetics

           Part II: Numbers 5–7

Kathy Acker

Bruce Andrews
Total Equals What: Poetics and Praxis

Rae Armantrout
Mainstream Marginality

Michael Davidson
“Hey, Man, My Wave!”: The Authority of Private Language

Johanna Drucker
Hypergraphy: A Note on Maurice Lemaître

Carla Harryman
Toy Boats

George Hartley
Jameson’s Perelman: Reification and the Material Signifier

Bob Perelman
Good & Bad/Good & Evil: Pound, Celine, and Fascism

Poets Theater: Two Versions of Collateral
Kit Robinson: Raising Collateral
Nick Robinson: Subtext in Collateral

Leslie Scalapino
Pattern—and the ‘Simulacral’

Peter Seaton
An Example from the Literature

Warren Sonbert
Narrative Concerns

           Constellation II: New Methods and Texts

           Part III: Numbers 8–10

Pierre Alferi
Seeking a Sentence

Dodie Bellamy
Can’t We Just Call It Sex?

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko

Jerry Estrin
Cold Heaven: The Uses of Monumentality

Harryette Mullen
Miscegenated Texts & Media Cyborgs:
Technologies of Body and Soul

Ted Pearson
A Form of Assumptions

Kit Robinson
Time & Materials: The Workplace, Dreams, and Writing

Andrew Ross
The Death of Lady Day

Lorenzo Thomas
The Marks Are Waiting

What/Person: From an Exchange
Leslie Scalapino and Ron Silliman

Reva Wolf
Thinking You Know

John Zorn
Memory and Immorality in Musical Composition

           Constellation III: The Expanded Field     

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Index: Poetics Journal 1–10

Index: Guide

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