New in 2015:cover

“Language Writing”
an essay by Barrett Watten

The Cambridge Companion to
Modern American Poetry
ed. Walter Kalaidjian

Table of contents:

1. The emergence of ‘the new poetry’
John Timberman Newcomb
2. Modern American archives and scrapbook
modernism / Bartholomew Brinkman
3. Experimental modernism
Alan Golding
4. The legacy of New York
Cary Nelson
5. The modern American long poem
Anne Day Dewey
6. Objectivist poetry and poetics
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
7. American poetry and the popular front
Alan Wald
8. Tracking the fugitive poets
Kieran Quinlan
9. Midcentury modernism
Stephen Burt
10. American confessional verse
Michael Thurston
11. Black mountain poetry
Kaplan Harris
12. Beat poetry and the San Francisco renaissance
Maria Damon
13. The black arts movement and black aesthetics
Evie Shockley
14. New York School and American surrealist poetics
Edward J. Brunner
15. Land, place, and nation: toward an indigenous
American poetics / Janet McAdams
16. Transpacific and Asian American counterpoetics
Yunte Huang
17. Language writing
Barrett Watten
18. Poet-critics and bureaucratic administration
Evan Kindley

- - -