Entry 09: Frequency of Posts

Yesterday was the first day since beginning this project that I was unable to add daily content. My initial plan had been to add “something” on a daily basis, and to make the necessity of doing that at such a frequency part of determining what “something” is (see Entry 07, “Is This Anything”). I remain interested in the exterior, conceptual dynamics of such a frame—after On Kawara’s “I Got Up” project as a task of daily self-understanding, over the long run. Yet I also recognize, in refusing conceptual dogmatism, that there are other exigencies. Work, sleep, even recreation, the occasional distraction beyond the screen. My plan, then, is to modify the original expectation of daily posts and to allow the occasional gap in content delivery. In so doing, I want to refocus my efforts toward putting up “something” on a majority of the days of the week—at least four out of seven. That will be our modified contract, then: content delivery @ 4+ days/week. I want to maintain focus on what counts as “content” within the economies of time and space, in continuing this experiment in the poetics of knowledge.

- - -