Expanded Writing:poster
A Postscript Symposium
19 July 2014
(after On Kawara)

Jessica Pressman
Nick Montfort
Monica de la Torre
Jennifer Wild
Christian Bök
Laura McGrath
Elizabeth Floyd
Justus Nieland
Yesomi Umolu
Marcus Merritt
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Wystan Curnow and Portrait of Betty Curnow by Rita Angus, 1942, Auckland. Photo: BW

University of Otago, Dunedin
University of Auckland
9–15 July 2014
(with Carla Harryman)

Jacob Edmond
Sally Ann McIntyre
Campbell Walker
Kim Pieters
Catherine Dale

Murray Edmond
Michelle Leggott
Wystan Curnow
Roger Horrocks
Greg Fan
Ya-wen Ho

Kate Lilley, Chinese restaurant, Sydney. Photo: BW

Kate Lilley, Sydney. Photo: BW

Experimental: A Symposium
on Experimental Writing
University of Sydney
7–8 July 2014
(with Carla Harryman)

Luke Harley
Karen Burckhardt
Kate Lilley
Melissa Hardie
Lyn Hejinian
Kate Fagan
Ann Vickery
Andy Carruthers
Astrid Lorange
Pam Brown
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Shanghai Lady Postcards. Shanghai: Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center, n.d.
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Soong Ching-ling’s Soviet sedan. Photo: BW

From 24 June to 2 July 2014, I was in Shanghai, attending an academic/arts conference and seeing as much of the city as possible when not otherwise engaged. The meetings took place at Shanghai Jiao Tong University; jiao tong means “transportation” but is the equivalent of “polytechnic.” Many of the early technical universities in China were concerned with various forms of transportation. In the case of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the major focus was maritime engineering; there is a massive rusted iron anchor in a courtyard between classroom buildings where there might be the statue of a humanist or political figure in another context. Shanghai, of course, is built on maritime traffic on the Yangtze River, the scale of which was evident in the massive materiality of the anchor. There were many such confrontations with massive scale in Shanghai, from its population of 23 million to the waves of public housing and corporate building that extend outward in all directions to its burgeoning infrastructure, particularly elevated highways and metro system. Jiao tong seems to have been an important concept. Now, it is being reinterpreted to include more liberal forms of scholarship, as witness the arts and humanities program that was our host. A canny citation of Confucian scripture permits this broader, more inclusive reading.


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ASAP 6 (Association for the Study
     of the Arts of the Present)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

27–29 June 2014
(after On Kawara)

Brian McHale
Esther Gottlieb
James Steintrager
Jonathan Eburne
Matthew Hart
Amy Elias
Liu Kang
Wang Ning
Jacob Edmond
Earl Jackson, Jr.
Yu-Chieh Lee
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Ai Wei-wei, Moon Chest, 2008. Photo: BW










ASAP 6 (Association for the Study
     of the Arts of the Present)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

27–29 June 2014 [here]

Regions of Avant-Garde Practice: Asia
Jacob Edmond, “Critical Translation”
Earl Jackson, Jr., “‘Asia’ from Variable Proximities”
Barrett Watten, “Negative Globality in the Chinese
11:30 AM–1:00 PM, Friday, 27 June

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Event 40: I Met (Texas)


Frank de la Teja and Jessica Pliley, UT San Marcos

I Met (Texas)
6th Annual Exchange Program
Bavarian-American Academy, Munich
University of Texas, San Marcos
31 May-10 June 2014
(After On Kawara)

Robin Coleman
Scott DeGregoris
Marcus Merritt
Felicia Preece
Frank de la Téja
Antoni Gorny
Marta Usiekniewicz
Mahshid Mayar
Evelyn Huber
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ASAP flyer

Association for the Study
of the Arts of the Present (ASAP)

October 3-6, 2013, Wayne State University

“Learning from Oakland: Occupy Poetics”
“Learning from Berlin: Hybrid Strategies”
“Learning from Shanghai: Sinofuturisms”
“Site/Nonsite Detroit: A Reading”
[reading flyer here]

Curated by Barrett Watten

“Learning from Oakland: Occupy Poetics”
Thursday, October 3, 3:30-5:00 PM

Brian Ang, poet and editor, Oakland: “Assembling ARMED CELL: Post-Crisis Poetics” [link to ARMED CELL; essay on Oakland Occupy at Lana Turner]
Sara Larsen, poet and organizer, Oakland: “The Praxis of the Commons: Poetics, the Public School, and the Polis/ce of Oakland” [link to The Public School]
David Lau, poet and editor, UC Santa Cruz: “Poetics in a Wave of Struggles: Passages and Limits of Contemporary Bay Area Practices” [link to Lana Turner]

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Event 38: I Met (Memorial Site)

23–26 August 2013

My father died on 23 August 2013, and I posted a brief account below. The response of many friends, writers, colleagues, family—in several media but primarily on Facebook—was both moving and helpful. I want to record the names of those who responded here, making a kind of guestbook for the memorial event this page now is.

Heidi Eichbauer
Stephen Vincent
Susan Schultz
Ben Friedlander
Nada Gordon
Ben Lee
Ruth Lepson
Christine Neufield
Nataša Kovacevic
Scott MacLeod
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